Friday, January 12, 2007

where is the great guitar artist?

Remember when Jimi Hendrix appeared in the public eye and despite whatever it used to remove him, its' vision was forever changed. Jimi was like an alien art prince who visited us for a few years and then, inexplicably, left. Jimi stole rock from the white boys, created an unattainable aesthetic ceiling, and then died, thus killing rock-and-roll and sending it to the endless desert of revisionism.

What happened? When you think about it, all the artistic revolutions wereover by 1970; whether it be painting, literature, classical music, jazz,rock - it was finished. No marches, uniforms or banners. We achieved victory and subsequently, a Swiss-like peace. Sad. Sometimes I think comtemporary artists are the walking dead.

If you consider the legions of living guitarists as a huge organic computer,why hasn't it spit out a new genius in the last 35 years? And please don't insult me with the likes of an Allen Holdsworth, whose technique is as amazing as his music is boring.

Are we in a fallow period or have we peaked as a species and, as some social anthropologists have speculated, living our our last 100 years? We are DEVO!

Love me do!

Count Ambio


Rich said...

dear count ambien, thank u 4knowing that there is no apostrophe in the word "its".

Kevin T said...

Wait aminute, what about "Stomp The Yard" ? If that doesnt keep the man from further petroleum driven preemptive invasions nothing will. KT & The Sucka MC's